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Are the legal professionals at your firm and colleagues in your area in need of the latest NHTSA impaired driving training, but too busy to travel? If so, we will come to you. Whether it is the NHTSA DUI/SFST practitioners course, NHTSA'S ARIDE, or an overview of the DRE program, Tony Corroto Enterprises will come to your state and teach the course, so you do not have to hassle with traveling. We provide all the materials for the course to include a certificate of completion. Please email us to let us know.

Upcoming Training for Legal Professionals
If you are interested in knowing when the dates have been set for any of the courses below, please email Tony Corroto at
NHTSA'S "DUI Detection & Standardized Field Sobriety Testing"

This training course will train the attendee in the most current NHTSA SFST training curriculum. This course will train the legal professional in: Recognizing driving behavior exhibited by impaired driving capabilities; Attitudes and skills in detecting the impaired driver; The DUI detection process (vehicle in motion, personal contact, pre-arrest screening); DUI enforcement and the three standardized field sobriety tests (Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, Walk and Turn, and One Leg Stand); Typical behavioral manifestations correlated to the consumption of alcohol; Divided attention testing and the NHTSA standardized field sobriety testing administrative and scoring protocols; SFST validation studies; An alcohol workshop will be conducted where participants will be able to administer the SFST's on volunteers with BAC's from 0.00 to 0.15.

Participants will receive a certificate of course completion - 2018 SFST student manual - Bonus flash drive with additional DUI related materials - Live alcohol workshop

Seminar Schedule 2021
SFST Training for Legal Professionals
To be Announced

Pending SFST Locations Pending Attorney Interest
Little Rock, Arkansas
Savannah, Georgia
Columbus, Ohio
Jacksonville, Florida
Detroit, Michigan
Columbia, South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina
Manassas, Virginia
Houston, Texas
Denver, Colorado

What other Legal Professionals have said about our past seminars:

If you represent clients charged with DUI, OWI, or DWI anywhere in the country, Tony's SFST Training for Professionals is a must. You will gain a wealth of practical information from his two-day course that you can immediately add to your DUI defense strategies. Tony presents the material with humor and anecdotes from his former career in law enforcement. You will not find yourself bored. One of the aspects that set this course apart from other seminars is the fact that it was interactive, and taught in a relaxed environment. We learned how to administer the HGN correctly, and had the opportunity to practice administering the test on volunteer subjects. Going through this process highlighted for me the huge margin of error that exists on a test that forms the basis for many of my clients arrests. I'm now able to watch a DUI video and immediately tell if the officer is administering the test incorrectly. You will also practice administering the Walk & Turn and One Leg Stand exercises. Tony will show you how these divided attention tasks are in no way related to a person's ability to drive a car, giving you ammo to fight back when the prosecution describes how poorly your client performed. This is a course you cannot afford to pass up. I thank you, and my clients thank you, for sharing your expertise!
Lindsey M. Pulliam, Esq. Associate Attorney The Kessler Law Firm

"For any attorney, new and seasoned, this class is a MUST. Tony teaches the bread and butter to ensure quality DUI defense. He also directs you to the paths regarding rare issues involving drug and alcohol DUI defense. His prior experience in law enforcement is truly invaluable for educating defense lawyers on proper DUI procedure and what to look for regarding popular officer short-cuts. As a new attorney this class was particularly informative because it showed me how to handle all types of situations and how to better handle my cases for more favorable resolutions. The entertainment factor Tony brings into his lessons is enough of a reason to take his class. Those entertainment factors bring a real-world perspective on everyday DUI issues that will not be forgotten."
Wendy L. Silva, Esq. Associate Attorney The Kessler Law Firm Fort Pierce, Florida

"Tony is the best. He is an amazing presenter and truly cares about what he teaches. Not only does he have an incredible amount of experience, but he also has a magnetism and passion that makes it easy for everyone to understand the material. He brings the material to life with real examples from his time spent on the police force and actually makes power point entertaining. If you are a DUI attorney and/or DUI trial attorney you need to take this course! There is simply no substitute for the trial techniques you will learn with Tony. Knowing how police officers are taught and trained for DUI detection is key to creating an effective cross examination and winning trial strategy. Even having this specialized knowledge at a suppression hearing will give you the necessary edge. He has testified as an expert in numerous trials for the best criminal defense attorneys around the country and it's easy to see why they utilize his amazing skills and knowledge."
Jill M. Jackson, Esq. Greenwood Village, Colorado

"As a DUI trial practitioner since 1988, I learned things from Palacios and Corroto about SFSTs I wish I had known long ago."

"I am actually surprised that officers in the field who have taken the 24 hour [SFST] course do so poorly when giving SFST knowing that you guys trained them."

"Any lawyer who does DUI work and doesn't take seminar classes like this one is committing malpractice!"

"I have been defending people accused of driving under the influence for nearly 25 years. On January 27th and 28th of 2011 I was able to clear my calendar to attend Tony's SFST Training Class in Columbia, S.C. There were only 6 attorneys in the class which was a great size for learning and interaction. The seminar was not your regular seminar. It was a learning experience that each attorney defending those accused of DUI should attend. I cannot begin to tell you how much of an expert Tony is in not only field sobriety testing but also in conveying the material in such a way that I walked away from the training session amazed about how much I had learned. In my years of practice, I have referred to and cross examined from the Standard Field Sobriety Testing Manual, both student and instructor versions. It was not until after participating in Tony's seminar that I was able to understand that there were still many things about field sobriety tests, cues, clues, etc. that I had only a basic knowledge of. I now feel like I have taken another huge leap in being able to better defend my clients. I have asked, and I think Tony has agreed, to do an instructor course sometime in the Fall. I cannot wait to get back into the classroom with Tony and would recommend him to any attorney with any level of experience in defending DUI cases."
Pete G. Diamaduros Union, South Carolina